EXCLUSIVE! Yulianna Karaulova called off the wedding

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Юлианна Караулова отменила свадьбу
Singer and TV presenter had planned a celebration after a public proposal of marriage to her beloved, but postponed the wedding indefinitely.

“It seemed to me that my dream is unrealizable. The girl from the sleeping area, from an ordinary family, how can she be a singer? I thought everyone everywhere decides cronyism, acquaintances, at least the bed.”

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Singer and TV presenter Julianna Karaulova and her boyfriend Andrew Black (by profession he is a sound producer) called off the wedding. Naturally, the fans it has been suggested that young people broke up. But Julianna says that the celebration is postponed “for technical reasons”.

“We were going to sign last spring, was to arrange a Grand celebration in the mountains of Georgia, says Karaulov. Because if we do a wedding, it is good, fabulous. I want to believe that she would be the only life. And here we began to meet with different agencies, to negotiate with the hotels… But the more immersed in all this, the more convinced that organizing a wedding is a huge job. I’m not a man to give all at the mercy of the Agency, I need to control. Us had to come very respected, public people, and we could not strike them in the face. A confidence that all our guests will meet, take you to places that will accommodate and feed you, after all, was not. In General, it became clear that the idea with the mountains of Georgia is a serious hassle. Besides then I just started to work with Yana Rudkovskaya, we had to finish the album, producing music videos and so on. I realized that if start now to deal with the tight organization of our celebration, just fail out of the creative process of their touring schedule. To do both well will not work. In General, the wedding we decided to postpone. When we’re a little looser, we should prepare”.

Recall that Andrew Black was proposed Julianna publicly, you can say in front of the entire country. It happened during the filming of the Christmas show at the rink ENEA. But bride-to-be reacted sharply called the guy a fool.

“Well, I was just embarrassed, says Julianna. — Who makes the proposal before the twelve cameras, a crane and a crowd of two hundred people? It seemed to me that it is somehow not very appropriate, so I got mad at Andrew. Though I was expecting his proposal five years. And even friends have complained: “What is it, where is the offer?” Thank God, Andrew wasn’t offended, and we laughed about it together. All happened because the shooting was arranged by my friend. And for like a month she asked me to in his blog has posted an ad: if someone wants to make someone a surprise to congratulate unusual, to apologize for something or to get married — have the ability to do it on a Christmas show. And here the day before filming she told me that they found a guy who wants to propose a girl. I believed that my role is to congratulate them. And here comes up to me Andrew… Then when I found out all the circumstances, my heart finally thawed. It turns out that the day before he went to my parents and asked their consent… That is reacted to the proposal with the utmost seriousness. And dad with humor, said, “Well, if we answer “no”, what then?” Of course, it was a joke. I have two very close friends, Andrew and I consulted with one and the other, which ring best buy, so I like it.”

Full interview with Yulianna Karaulova read in the new issue of the magazine “7 Days”. Now!