ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Владимир Машков поставит спектакль о Бумбараше
The actor is looking for a replacement to Yevgeny Mironov.

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Владимир Машков поставит спектакль о Бумбараше

Vladimir Mashkov


Yevgeny Mironov


Vladimir Mashkov again dare to enter a second time into the same river. Exactly a quarter century ago in the Studio Theater Tabakov, his teacher, Vladimir has put performance “the passion of Bumbarash”. This statement soon became a theatrical sensation. And the work of Mashkov, the Director and leading actor Yevgeny Mironov have been recognized by audiences and critics.

For many years this show was impossible to get
tickets. However
after 18 years, Mironov decided that he has outgrown his young hero. And the play, to the chagrin of the audience “Snuff” was closed. However
farewell performance “Passions on Bumbarash” Mironov promised to transfer its role to an appropriate
a young actor.

And now, after many years Vladimir Mashkov has decided to resume the play in their own “Box” with a new generation of young artists. A suitable premise for this musical performance, the theatre is now instead of a tiny basement on Clean ponds is a new elegant building in Sukharevskaya area. By the way, the successful experience of the resumption of the theatrical hit Mashkov is. Vladimir has twice staged at the Moscow art theatre them.Chekhov’s Comedy “№13”, and both times with incredible success. By the way, the main role in the first “number 13” also played Mironov.