Exclusive! Vladimir Kuzmin announced the divorce with his young wife

Эксклюзив! Владимир Кузьмин объявил о разводе с молодой женой
63-year-old singer broke up with his wife after 17 years of marriage.

Photo: Personal archive of a star

Vladimir Kuzmin and his wife Catherine officially announced the divorce. Reasons why their marriage ended, the ex-wife is not known.

“With great respect and love for each other, remaining close friends, Katya and announce the divorce — said the singer. — It’s time for everyone to move on his way. We decided not to make any comments in the press about this. Please treat with understanding.”

Despite the large age difference — 27 years, Vladimir and Ekaterina were in love with each other at first sight. The famous singer saw a young beauty in the summer of 2000 on the beach in Anapa, where she was vacationing with her parents, and disappeared. Invited the whole family to his concert, where under the supervision of their parents and began an affair… Soon Kate returned home in Elabuga, and love Kuzmin’s been calling her every day. After a week of negotiations, the girl flew to Moscow. At the airport waiting for her happy Kuzmin with a huge bouquet. There was a Declaration of love. Since then they were inseparable. Kuzmin said that he was amazed how this little girl turned his view of life: “I’ve always been selfish. My job, for me, my music came first and second, and other places. The rest — about ten. Including family life. I thought I was a good family man I will be. Katya made me look at my life differently. I wanted a normal, deep relationship.”

From the first day of meeting Kuzmin had filled Kate with gifts, trying to please her parents. And could not stay without her a minute. “We do everything together. We read the same books, watch the same movies together, do the housework, even go on tour together… We both understand that love is an enormous work that maintain it can only be constantly worrying about each other. In kata is everything you need a loving man — she is a passionate, gentle! The only drawback — very jealous. But I’m also jealous, we in this together” — told Kuzmin about five years ago.

However, in their family life happens and crises. It was rumored that one day their marriage was almost destroyed because of jealousy Kuzmin. But then they managed to keep the family together. Alas, this time, whatever was the cause of their separation, the decision of Vladimir and Ekaterina final.