Эксклюзив! Валентина Мазунина: «Никогда не выйду замуж за актера!»
The star of “Bitter”and “Real boys” spoke about the work at the factory, extreme shots, and that’s why parents were shocked to see her on TV.

Эксклюзив! Валентина Мазунина: «Никогда не выйду замуж за актера!»

Valentina Mazunina

The other day in wide release, we have released the film, “Hello, Oksana Sokolova” in which the actress, who became famous after successful of the TV show series “Real boys”, Valentina Mazunina played a major role. Before the premiere the actress talked to 7days.ru about the most difficult shooting day, my family and remembered how she started her career and why she had to work in a factory as a packer.

— Valentine, in
wide release the film came out, “Hello, Oksana Sokolova”, where you play
the main character. As I recall, it was originally a short film, saw
the light in 2016…

— Right. This work has had many awards, so I decided
to remove the complete meter. My character is a hostage situation, but then,
has drawn begins to enjoy it and inspire people,
which is beside her. It is worth noting that to me on the set
the same thing happened. Especially when we were shooting the scene where the plot we
Victor Dobronravov jump from a bridge into the Moscow river. Although this episode was given
I don’t just. Until now passing the place where the shooting took place, shudder.

— Frozen then

— No. First, it was the end of August — beginning of September, and
it was not that cold. Second, our costumers about us touching
care: warmed, poured into wetsuits warm water, in General, shooting
the process was impeccably organized. The point is not that, but the fact that the center
the capital of the Moscow river, to put it mildly, not very clean… I was standing next to Victor, he
Beaudry: “Well, Valyukha? Shall we dive?” And I stood there and thought: “not Only
swallowed this dirty water!” Dressers sprayed me with antiseptic, he
was even in my ears. The trailer was of the soul and, whenever possible, in this shooting
the day I ran there. But still, when you floated down the river in wetsuits, can
to get rid of the feeling: a little more and I’ll grow a third leg! Home after
this two days almost did not live in the shower!

Эксклюзив! Валентина Мазунина: «Никогда не выйду замуж за актера!»

Valentina Mazunina in the film “the best day”

Photo: Victor Berezkin/TASS

— Parents must be
worried about you. They are, as I understand it, not actors by profession?

— They’re from another world. Mom worked all his life in
administration Vereshchagino, and dad is a railroad man. And it’s just wonderful.
When you come in Vereshchagino, where I grew up, in our house you get a completely different
world. Exhale, there is a complete restart. Love dad on the motorcycle with
the stroller will go into the woods for mushrooms. Although the child to endure these mushrooms
could. And now quiet hunting pleasure.

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