ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Вадим Казаченко ответил бывшей жене
The musician gave his first candid interview.

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Вадим Казаченко ответил бывшей жене

Vadim Kazachenko

Photo: D. Korobeynikov/Photoxpress.EN

For many months the name of Vadim Kazachenko invariably appears
in the scandalous chronicle, because of the noisy divorce from his second wife Olga. “We are not
communicate in the autumn of last year, but ex-wife still does not want to leave
me alone and live your life… Sometimes it seems to me that Olga from the start
acted on carefully thought-out plan, which was adopted
the involvement of an experienced psychologist or PR. Well, or some book from the series
“How to train your man”. And still follows the recommendations — presents himself
innocent and competently builds “legend”, doses information feeds
in the right way,” — said Kozachenko in an exclusive interview in the magazine “Karavan

Vadim 12 years
ago met on the Internet with one of his fans Olga
Martynova. His personal life at that time was arranged, he was in
the actual marriage with her Director Irina Amanti. At some point Vadim and
Irina quarreled and separated not only in different houses, but different
countries. Devoted, as it seemed the musician, Olga was around back then…

Vadim Kazachenko

Photo: Sergey Gavrilov

And then, when he returned to Russia, Amanti, Kazachenko had
torn between two women. One day Olga and her mother came to shooting
where they saw Irina and asked to leave the Studio. “Unpleasant episode changed my
destiny. Barely night back home from the shooting, Olga got a call and rolled
tantrum: “So more can not continue! Your Ira has shamed us before
all! I can’t bear it!” Then picked up mom supporting daughter:
“Vadim, you should decide to register the relationship with Olga”. I was
shocked and their pressure and approach: never considered their
relationship with Olga in this way. Although she later wrote in an interview: “what
sooner or later get married, discussed always.” Strange wording, not
it? They got me what to say. It was almost morning, I’m
tired, wanted to sleep. To somehow get rid of excited women and
to end the conversation, saying, “Okay, let’s then calmly talk about this.” And
put the phone down. Calm did not work. The next day Olga came from
words: “All go to the registry office!”

His marriage with Olga, the musician recalls a strange dream. The family, as such, was not — he says. Several times he mentioned a word about divorce. But then found out that his wife is pregnant and the pregnancy is already large.
Abortion may not be out of the question… “of Course, I was shocked, because we do
not planned and the form in which the wife was presented with its sensational news,
angered. Because it was possible to make a human being, say: “you Know, you
want a divorce, your right, but I’m thirty-five, this might be the last
a chance to give birth. Since happened is a miracle and happiness, can leave the child and
for the sake of it will have to wait to divorce? Together we will raise the baby?” With this approach, I
would have surely faltered. And when a woman is threatened and uses the pregnancy as
the weapon of blackmail, every man will stand on its hind legs,” — said the musician. Then pregnant
Olga announced that her husband left left the family, threatened her and unborn child, she openly said on the air
several television shows about their “hard” life with a star.

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