Эксклюзив! Звезда «Кухни» Валерия Федорович родила сына
The actress hid the birth of their first child.

Valery Fedorovich

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Valery Fedorovich nobody was going to announce the birth of a child. But, once the ceremony of the children’s prize “Gimme five!”, where he received the award, I couldn’t resist. “Maybe nothing and admitted that three months ago I had a baby. But today I saw such cute, talented kids and I have just tipped the scales of emotions” — shared the actress. The baby name she did not disclose.

“Yes, my son was born, — has confirmed Valeria 7days.ru. — I want to wait until he’s a little older. Let it will be at least six months, and then reveal the secret as it was called.” The actress has never liked to share the details of his personal life. “That’s why I don’t heavily advertise the wedding (she was the wife of actor Maxim Onishchenko. — Approx. ed.) and then our divorce, — said Yanukovych 7days.ru. Nothing original, no passionate dramas. How many early marriages, ours was short-lived. But we managed to stay in good relations.” About who the father of her son, the actress also silent.

Award “high five!”, held in Moscow the other day, were given a second time. Its rewards are awarded according to the results of the audience voting, in which took part more than three million votes. Children and adolescents from 7 to 16 years were chosen best actors, athletes, presenters, musicians and bloggers. Beloved star family couple Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, the best actors were named Dmitry Nagiyev and Valery Fedorovich, and the musical Olympus was taken by Sergey Lazarev, Elena Temnikova and group MBAND.

Your favorite TV hosts children and teenagers called Olga Buzova and Maxim Galkin, the best athletes — biathlete Anton Shipulin and gymnasts Arina and Dina of Averina, and of all Russian bloggers chose Kate Adushkin. Among the winners was also the movie “the Last hero” and the cartoon “Fixies: Big secret” and the concert show “Back 35” Dima Bilan.