Exclusive! The location of the missing stars “House-2” is unknown

Эксклюзив! Местонахождение пропавшей звезды «Дома-2» остается неизвестным
Volunteers and police are continuing the search for Maria Natalia Politov.

Maria Politova

The fate of the missing Maria Natalia Politov still unclear. Information
that the star of “House-2” went to Murmansk oblast to see
a man can not forget, turned out to be false. “This unsubstantiated information, which greatly complicated the search. — told 7days.ru a close friend of Natalia Politov. — Artem Shnurov (civil husband of Mary — ed.) is not
can comment on anything. About it it asked the employees search organization
“Lisa Alert”. At the moment Masha not found, and I know nothing about her!”

This comment is confirmed and the information
published on the website of “Lisa Alert”. When the location of the person
confirmed in the corresponding entry appears marked “Alive”, but on the branch
forum посвященноq
search for Natalia Politov still retains the status of “Lost.”

Recall, Politova left home on December 4th. Was dressed in a dark
jacket, grey pants, and black boots on the beige scarf. Took with him a bag and a small backpack.
Shnurov already went to the police where he gave a detailed description of the clothing
Maria left home. Subscribers microblog star, where Shnurov left
contact phone number which asked me to call if I find out where in this
is his lover, advised he will ask for help not
only the police and search the organization Liza Alert, which was