EXCLUSIVE: the grandson of Spartaka Mishulina suffered from an unexpected attack

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: внук Спартака Мишулина подвергся неожиданной атаке
Karina Mishulina husband raided “visit” in Tver.

Eduard Sorokin and Spartak Mishulin

A television crew was subjected to an unexpected attack grandson Spartaka Mishulina – Eduard Sorokin. It
happened in Tver, where the Sorokin family.

“First came to our house, told 7days.ru wife of Edward Natalya. — My mother was terrified so cavalier
invasion. My husband was not at home already
were both at work in our cafe, where there is no output. And then the crew
arrive there.»

In the composition of the crew may not have had legal rights to shoot
private property, was Karina Mishulina and her husband Ivan Korobov. If
to judge according to them the day before (the day before passed the next judicial session
against illegitimate son Spartaka Mishulina Timur Yeremeyev), they are convinced that
Eduard Sorokin – no not the grandson of national artist. But just an ordinary citizen

“My dad lived in this city in the late forties!”— shaking his fists, Karina Mishulina, born thirty years later. But it’s
her assurances, knows all about the father every minute of his life.

Even the fact that Eduard Sorokin is the official
document from the registry office, where it is written: Vladimir Sorokin (his daddy) was recorded in the
personally, “the father — Spartak Vasilyevich Mishulin” was not a proof for Karina of Mishulin.
She believes that her dad could not be a father to anyone but her. “Timur Yeremeyev can’t be a son, and Sorokin – the grandson of my dad!» — categorically
she said.

And even ready
extreme measures – to exhume the popular actor and re
DNA examination.

“This is no joke. I would advise Karin of Mishulin
to check the status of your health,” — says the scandal is an expert psychologist
of the Serbsky Institute Olga korotina.