Эксклюзив! У 78-летнего Эммануила Виторгана родилась дочь!
The wife of the Director said the details of the happy event.

Immanuel and Irina Vitorgan

Today it was announced that Emmanuel Vitorgan and his
wife Irene Mlodik a daughter. This is the first common child of the spouses. “Huge
thank you for the congratulations! It’s true, — said Irina with 7days.ru in a telephone
conversation. — We had a little girl. We named her Ethel”.

The baby was born the couple used the services of a surrogate mother. A happy event in the life of the artist and his wife occurred on February 26. The date of birth of the spouse knew in advance. A few days before that — February 21 — page in the social network of Emmanuel Vitorgan, which leads
Irina, there is a new event: the birth of a child. In the post Irina asked me to find
the babies nanny with accommodation and medical education. “Urgently need
babysitter breastfeeding the baby. Accommodation in the center of Moscow. Well, if she —
a medical worker, but it’s not necessary,” wrote Irina.

Rumors that Emmanuel gedeonovich will become a father for the third
times appeared in early may of 2017. It was argued that this was told
host of “million dollar Secret” Lera Kudryavtseva. It was reported that the couple
Vitorgan plans to share the joyful news with you in the next episode.
Kudryavtseva spouses allegedly congratulated and wished the couple the patience, after all
soon they would have to say goodbye to a good night’s sleep. The news received wide publicity,
but then Mladic called this information “nonsense”.