Exclusive! Stas Kostyushkin told how the disgraced during the concert

Эксклюзив! Стас Костюшкин рассказал, как опозорился во время концерта
The singer gave a Frank interview in which he told about the fights, the ridiculous situations and awkward moments in his life.

Эксклюзив! Стас Костюшкин рассказал, как опозорился во время концерта

Stas Kostyushkin

Photo: Press service

“Money or
shame” show on channel ТНТ4, in which the comedian uncle Victor checks whether
the stars to laugh at themselves. If irony is all right, the guest of the show takes
one million roubles. But if the star doesn’t like the banter in his address, of a million
deducted a certain amount. Stas Kostyushkin not afraid to come to uncle Vite and
said after the shooting, is it easy to provoke him into a fight and there for the singer
taboo subjects that he does not discuss under any circumstances.

Have you seen the show before
the way in which he come?

— Looking passages. Provocative, fun, funny
really what I like! Don’t like
what became our modern TV. All that filtered
neat: “it does not say, does it not do”. And you have all real!
Even with some kinks, but now!

— What are your impressions? Much

— My hard drive into a stupor, but “the Money or the shame of” led
something like this: “What to say now? How to respond to this attack?”. Bellow
like a horse! Program hard — it’s great, that’s the trick! The first show
that threw me — so I wanted to answer, but also bold and funny
I certainly would not have happened. Want any situation to come out as something easy,
cool, but not always successful. Such transfers are important to
to really develop an artist’s self-irony, and then all too serious steel. Have
comedians, by the way, it’s easier.

— Do you think people
a show ready?

— The audience ТНТ4 — Yes, and the audience, for example, the First channel is
no. Somehow they did approximately a similar program, and I even
participated. So their audience did not understand, and said, “Ugh, how can you!”. And your audience is more advanced generation, which
watching a lot of stand -, the same Jimmy Carr. That’s when watching Jimmy Carr
you don’t understand how it’s even possible to collect such humor to a full house of people! But
when you laughed and splashed, then go out and appear yourself

— A million —
sufficient price in order to embarrass myself?

— I for less money and shame. I have the same
so many concerts was based on the logic of uncle Viti (host of the show “the Money or the shame of” joke Stas Kostushkin that
disgrace it every time at the concert – approx.ed.)

Эксклюзив! Стас Костюшкин рассказал, как опозорился во время концерта

Stas Kostyushkin

— Concerts
was there ever an act, which is still a shame?

— Yes, at my school there was one girl that we
parted. And I saw suddenly, as she was walking with some new young
man. She goes I see her, her friend sees me, she grabs his hand, he
starts to kick in my direction, I run away. The end! And I’m so ashamed still.
Why did I run away? Why? I’ve already engaged in combat and could fight, to stand up
for themselves. Well, I’m not quite ran rather really quickly left. Come on, like you don’t
seen, not noticed. And you know, there is this story in me, and I am pleased that
such stories exist. If they you live, then never again!

— To show you too
refused to fight. But in real life there were situations when it was necessary to apply

Once I fought, and this is a very funny fight
was. I fought with people that have just stayed in prison. 16 years I was.
We with the girlfriend went from a disco home, and then two men in front: “Stop!”. And I, again
just quickly went away. Brought a girl home and see his friend
daredevil Kirill. Tell him: “Listen, you’re like cool, let’s go
let’s deal with those two.” He ran immediately to these men to meet. Men
such healthy. And I… my dad is a jazz musician, his mother a fashion model,
grandpa journalist – intellectuals! No fight for us. And at the same time fight
Cyril with one of the men has already begun. We stand with the second, I turn to
him: “I guess they need to separate,” I said. He says: “What, agooo?!” and
jumped on me. I, as I said, at that time judo and reception “throw
through the head” held great. Just “whack”, and immediately in pain. Next you need
it or breaking the arm, or hit in the head. But I didn’t. Picked it up, and he starts yelling at me!
“What are you yelling at me, I won!” say. I have had a fight. The only
in my life, but I, apparently, so very well remembered.

— Today uncle
Victor wanted to go to the Mat?

— Uncle Vitya did not want to offend. I do older
do not offend people by being myself older… (laughs)

— In public with you
happened unpleasant, “shameful” situation?

— Yes! Was some concert, and there was a guy with
peculiarities of development, who was trying to say like: “Let
microphone, give me the microphone!”. He hadn’t been paying attention, someone he even
annoying. I give him the microphone and he yells to the whole room: “your fly’s
unbuttoned!”. Immediately everything changed — he began to applaud, and me
laugh! It was true — I really rushed and really did not have time
to change. I wanted to laugh it off — decided to tell the audience that just bought today
expensive underwear and wanted it to look. Say and think: “Damn,
what an idiot I am!”

— Do you
forbidden topics?

— No. Rather, there is the fact that I’m not going to say. If
you ask if this topic exists, you have the attitude to it.
As I always say to my wife: “Why haven’t I ever gonna change? For the
the reason that I don’t want this question, in principle, existed within me.”
I only do those things that I can answer. I don’t do that then
going to hide.

— Male strategy.
And what guided more: intuition or reason?

Intuition never, intuitive actions make the women.
And men is a strategy calculations. Sometimes listen to the advice of his wife,
because intuition is better than strategy.

— You thought through strategy
before the show?

— Not trying to come up with a strategy, because I knew that it
full “improves”. To understand where we go, impossible. The only
I kept telling myself: “calm down, calm down, Yes, the joke failed joke is not funny,
here he was joking — everyone’s laughing, you’re joking — everyone is silent, you fool, it’s okay,
continue on”. Here is a little knock out of the saddle! But I’m already used to it
because not once was at a Comedy Club
and know when I’m joking why something is not funny!

— You have high
the level of self-irony. Take your clip with Alexei Panin…

— Initially the story of Alex Panin, of course, was

Stas Kostyushkin

Photo: Press service

— In the first place? You
song wrote it or under it…

— No, the song I wrote on vacation, and decided that if
run it in Anapa, it will become the anthem of the city. What, however, now is.
But I had something else I wanted hype. And then me, my Manager Alex,
who likes stuff to show me, send me “that” video
Panin. To be honest, I didn’t bother to watch it. Let me explain why. I don’t watch that
what I don’t like. I have my own Panin, whom I respect for the film
“Star” for the movie “Zhmurki”. And this man on “that video” — well, no, I don’t want
to perceive it. So I decided Lech to score. Call, I think, at the end
hears something inappropriate, he answered: “Yes, I agree, of course, not
question!”. And, most importantly, he warned me that the reputation
now is not the best. What do I, I on Alla Pugacheva fell (Kostyushkin is referring to the incident that
happened to him at the closing ceremony of the “New wave” in Jurmala 3 years ago
when during the performance the singer jumped up on the table next to the diva, but the
could not stand the weight and Stas fell by Dolly parton)
. Incomparable shame with Lesha
Panin, I believe, but the experience of such uncomfortable situations is. We got to talking with
Lesha and I said that the best way now for him to play new and interesting
the role of the tough Director, but yet to appear in the video will be a good step. Sent
him the song, he listened and agreed. And suddenly already on the set, I see playbike with
Panin, and to be honest, was ashamed that I took it only for video
where he walked naked through the district — this is nonsense. It had to take as an actor!
When he appeared in the frame, all the colors began to play, there are eyes, there are so many
just, beyond words!

— How it
responded to your listeners?

— When you put a photo with him, a thousand people I have over
two hours vzhuh! — just write in social networks. Caught a lot of criticism.
but Panin employees of one Department, we owe each other support.
You know, if in times of Yesenin or Salvador Dali were smartphones and
Internet, we would have seen enough! Therefore, I believe that people need
be treated like human beings. Besides, as far as I know, that ill-fated video
Lesha stole, he did not put himself. So all I want to say — you need to be able

— What do you think
criticism plays.

— Criticism needed! I rely on the opinion of Quentin
Tarantino, who said that the criticism is divided into emotional and
constructive. I only listen to the constructive. Emotion is not a criticism, it is
just the outpouring. Always listen, for example, a vocal coach, she
the correct criticism. When you come to her, she says, “So, it is clear that tired
we need this and that,” and we begin to work to rebuild your “vocal
the apparatus”. During the tour, the voice goes down and I begin to worry about
performance… for Example, some things himself
see. On the same clip about Anapa. Now I understand that it was possible somewhere
another way to do something to change it. I want to say that I took while there
your clip, that would be totally fine with me. The entire project A-dessa
today I want to do on quality. It is clear that someone thinks that it is not
the music is not words that is complete nonsense, but at the Conservatory said
one right thing: “Music as such words do not exist at all. There
just the energy that you pass music by”. That’s why people
who hated me, after the concert was inspired! But because it is not in
the songs matter, and energy and information that pass people.

— Wish you as soon as possible
to remove the “same” clip. Tell me, do you have fears?

— I have many, I’m fearful. It so happened that in the family
the breadwinner’s just me, but I have a big family. So my biggest fear is
if I ever can’t feed his family. This fear haunts me,
that’s why a piece of me is very difficult, I better turn around and leave. If it is,
of course, has nothing to do with the lives of my loved ones.

— Easy money in your
life been?

— I had a couple of situations. I just sang somewhere, with someone
properly met, and then asked me to contact some people, I
linked. And that both were very profitable! So much so that I paid for
acquaintance. Well, OK, live! Surprisingly, I reached before
a level that my word, my call means something, and that’s good. Because
I had a large family, all I have to feed!