EXCLUSIVE: soloist of the “Brilliant” concealed the birth of a child

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Солистка «Блестящих» скрыла рождение ребенка
Nastya Osipova shared a photo of six sons.

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Солистка «Блестящих» скрыла рождение ребенка

Anastasia Osipova

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Osipova surprised fans by publishing on the Network
a picture of his baby boy. “My sweet croissant with today
six months!” — signed the soloist of group “Brilliant”. Before that
nobody had guessed not only that the baby Nastya has grown up, but
what he did came to light. “Anastasia, I missed everything, didn’t even
that you just gave birth!” — wrote one friend of the singer. “You didn’t miss anything, —
said Osipov. No one knew, this is the first picture. Thank you for

the child is businessman Alexander malakha, which Osipova together for about four years. That he took a picture of his beloved baby. I wonder
because of this picture fans of the artist know where they are now living in star. It turned out, Nastya moved to Barvikha. Also
fans learned about the official status of the pair. Aspen warmly thanked
everyone who congratulated her family: she was married.

By the way, this year my mom was another soloist — Nadia Handle. However, her personal life was shrouded in such a veil of secrecy. After giving birth,
the singer shared details of the joyous event. “Shortly before I learned that I would be
mom drew attention to the fact that we have built in the courtyard shopping children’s
center, where always a bunch of strollers and kids. I thought to myself, “It’s all for a reason”. On
really, I think, all the time. A year later after we started
to live together, Denis proposed to me and we started a Grand renovation in
apartment. I think we, women, subconsciously feel, when ready to
motherhood, especially when we meet the true love of the person
ready to live life,” — said Pen after the birth of the first child.

Anastasia Osipova and Alexander Malakhov

Photo: Instagram