ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Ольга Орлова: «Пожить на периметре «Дома-2» я решила «на слабо!»
The first interview with the new presenter of the legendary reality show.

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Ольга Орлова: «Пожить на периметре «Дома-2» я решила «на слабо!»

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Ольга Орлова: «Пожить на периметре «Дома-2» я решила «на слабо!»

Olga Orlova decided on a bold experiment. To learn his new job
(we will remind, the singer has become the leading project “Dom-2”), the star decided for three days
to move to the site of the project and stay on the perimeter with the heroes of the show. In conversation with 7days.ru 7days.ru learned how she had made such
act and how to relate to your new job.

— Olga, how did you decide to live on the perimeter of the 3 days? After all this
the act is not resolved, none of the presenters in the entire history of the project.

— So it turned out that Nikita told me that if I lived on the perimeter, then it would have realized
all about the life of Lomovtsev. You could say, took the dare. To me, weak is not worth taking, I can tell. (smiles). Immediately decided
to live on the perimeter of the house girls 72 hours.

— The greatest stress to the presenter may cause
the constant presence of cameras. After all, a public person is very important to have a personal
space, the opportunity to retire.

— Of course, it’s not easy. But
I settled for three days. And reacted to the camera not turning off no
for a second, how long to work, that is easy, and we can say, philosophically.

— How you met participants of the show?

— Very warmly. Though
I think before I got all nervous. Now that I am already
to meet and make friends with all the guys. And I can tell them I really

— Have you thought through how you will resolve disputes, what
the tips you give and how you do it: arm yourself with psychological
literature, or rely on your own experience?

— Advance hard to say. All
what happens on the perimeter is the real life. Only time will tell. If
the guys turn to me for help, I will try to help, to comfort, to give good
Council. If will be useful in any difficult situations, I will be