ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Надя Ручка тайно вышла замуж
To the Registrar she set off shortly before birth.

We were checked in in a wonderful historic location — the Palace hall in Kolomenskoye

Photo: archive of N. Handle

Nadia Handle,
which last week for the first time became a mother, told me about another, not
the less important event in his life: the singer married!

“The proposal
Denis I did it for a month before we found out that are expecting a baby, told
Nadia in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”. — The proposal is made without screaming
romance — without helicopters and ships. He knows I don’t like showing off. Exactly
so don’t want a husband, under the Windows of the hospital were laid from balloons
message or travelled in a car with the inscription “Thank you for baby!”. It’s not
romantic and corny. I
by the way, immediately agreed. However, with a trip to the registry office as not in a hurry, but
sign decided before the advent of our baby into the world. Convinced:
the child must be born in marriage. We set a date in late July, but
the administrator, knowing my deadline was moved to the eleventh number.

It all happened in the beautiful historic
place — the Palace hall in Kolomenskoye. Were present only the closest
friends with whom we then just walked through the Park and sat in a cafe.
No festivities on this occasion did not suit the wedding later, dream
to do it on the coast”.

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