ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Милла Йовович: «Совмещать материнство и работу очень тяжело!»
The actress arrived in Moscow to present the film “Resident evil. The last Chapter”.

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Милла Йовович: «Совмещать материнство и работу очень тяжело!»

Milla Jovovich And Paul Thomas Anderson

Photo: Press service

Milla Jovovich with husband Paul Thomas Anderson arrived in
Moscow to present the final film of the franchise “Resident evil. Last
the Chapter”. Actress and Director candidly answered the questions of journalists and
remembered the most vivid day “Resident”.

In “the final Chapter” debuted as an actress older
daughter and Nice Sex — nine-year-old ever Gabo. In recognition Jovovich, girl
so organically worked in a frame that the star mother often consulted
daughter how to play the most mill.

“In fact, Milla shared, for the first time that
daughter wants to be an actress, I learned when ever was five years old. I’m confused. And
a bit cheated. Told ever that you must first learn to read very well
and fluently. Daughter has amazed me with its tenacity for the year she learned to read quickly
hosted during that time two of a school class in reading. Then I decided that while
Ever sooner removed. And came up with a new job, told his daughter that
she certainly should go for acting classes. And ever went and
visits them every Saturday and Sunday until now”.

Interestingly, the set was present
the youngest daughter of actress and Director, Dashiell, which at the time of filming was less

“Combining motherhood and work was hard, says
Jovovich. — But this happy and interesting. Imagine, I just
fought in the frame, perform insane stunts, running from zombies, and then the Floor
announces a ten-minute break so I could feed baby. And here I go
in trailer asleep, Dashiell, feed her and then go outside and, standing on
the bridge, where there was an explosion, start to rock the baby. I’m all in movie
blood, dirty clothes Baucau youngest daughter, wrapped in a pink blanket. Here to
fits me one of the extras, zombies and said, “my gosh, she’s cute!”
A complete unreality!

The premiere of the final part of the “resident evil” will be held in
Moscow tonight.

The film begins with
the point at which ended the previous part. After Wesker
betrayed Alice in Washington, the end of history became even closer. Alice
the last hope for the salvation of the world. It needs to return to the starting point, there
where it all began — the town of raccoon city where the umbrella Corporation is preparing for
the final attack of those who managed to survive. In a race against time, Alice will arm
to the teeth together with friends and those who did not expect to see in the role of his
allies. Together they will fight against army of the dead and the monstrous new
mutants. At the risk of losing their skills and preparing for the inevitable attack
Corporation, Alice will face even more serious problems…

Milla Jovovich with daughter ever

Photo: Instagram