Exclusive! Mary meadow’s Dating a star of the TV series “Kitchen”

Эксклюзив! Мария Луговая встречается со звездой сериала «Кухня»
Became known the details of the new star of the novel.

Эксклюзив! Мария Луговая встречается со звездой сериала «Кухня»

Maria Meadow

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Sergey Lavygin

Photo: Personastars.com

Maria Lugovaya never advertise their relationship, but now does not hide that is happy with Sergey Lavygin, beloved by audiences as the charming chefs Canopy in the TV series “Kitchen” and “Hotel Eleon”. At all social events they appear together. As it turned out, Maria and Sergey have been acquainted for many years — they worked together in Mtyuze. But their relationship only started in January this year.

By that time Sergey had several months parted with his civil wife, actress Anne of Begovoy. They parted without scandals, maintaining good relations for the two-year son Feodor… In January, after meeting on the presentation of the film, Sergei wrote Mary in social networks, she replied, the correspondence ended with date and Roman. Friends of the couple say that they look absolutely happy.

However, due to the busy schedule of the filming is carried out with not so much time as I would like. But during may holidays, the lovers rested together on the eco farm in the suburbs, where sunbathing, enjoying a tasty cheese and riding horses is a hobby appeared to Mary after starring in the TV series “Murka”.