Эксклюзив: Любава Грешнова и Михаил Пшеничный стали родителями
Star of the TV series “Beautiful life” told about the birth of the first child.

Lubava Greshnova and Michael Wheat

Photo: @lubavagreshnova Instagram lyubavy Grechnevoy

This morning in the family acting couple — lyubavy Grechnevoy and Michael Wheat was a joyful event. The couple first became parents. The star of the show “the Beautiful life” gave my husband the boy. Happy mother shared the joy of the birth of first child: “I’m in seventh heaven. 10.25 in our family there was a son! Baby and I are feeling fine. The boy was born weighing 3100 grams!”.

Contrary to the modern fashion in her husband’s presence at childbirth of his wife, Michael chose to wait for news about his paternity outside the delivery room. The actress admitted that she and her husband have not yet decided on a name for my son. New parents approach the question of choosing a name from all liability. As is known, the name of a person largely determines his fate.

Incidentally, the sugar continued to lead an active life up to the birth. Shortly before becoming a mother, she visited a beauty salon, where he refreshed his hair to look at the time of discharge from the hospital one hundred percent. Maternity leave Greshnova decided not to go. She was taking shooting in photo shoots until the last days of pregnancy.

Recall that Lubava and Michael have been together for five years. Their romance began while working on the film “the dreamers”. Playing the lovers, the actors quickly moved tender feelings to each other in real life. Two years later, Wheat decided to make a favorite proposal of marriage.