Эксклюзив: Алсу в третий раз стала мамой
The singer was born a long-awaited son.

Эксклюзив: Алсу в третий раз стала мамой

Alsu and Yan Abramov

Photo: 7D

Finally son! Alsou in the third time became a mother. This was reported by a friend of the singer, participant of show “the Voice” Andrey Tsvetkov. “Congratulations on the birth of the third child and first son!
Very happy for you and your husband, who also send greetings!
Let it be happy, healthy. And that has absorbed all the best qualities
parents!”, the musician wrote in his personal account.

The baby was the third child in the family of the singer and businessman Jan Abramov. The couple have a daughter 9-year-old Safina and 8-year-old Mikelle. In the later stages of pregnancy Alsou was in Israel.

Alsu daughters Safina and Micelli

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Curiously, while waiting for third child singer,
the fans became more sentimental. Lately, she often
indulges in nostalgia by posting your old pictures. In addition, it
I remembered a long-forgotten hobby — drawing. Alsou not so long ago, again took
brush in hand and started writing landscapes. Recall, that on the next
pregnancy she became known in late April. Then a drew
attention to the fact that Alsou began to appear in loose clothes. Later she
she commented on his “interesting position”. As it turned out, pregnancy
singer was unplanned, although the couple long thought about
the birth of a third child.

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