EXCLUSIVE! Jasmine on the sentence of her husband: “Ilan became ill. He was taken away in an ambulance”.

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Жасмин о приговоре мужа: «Илану стало плохо. Его увезли на скорой».
The wife of the famous singer was sentenced to 7.5 years of imprisonment.

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Жасмин о приговоре мужа: «Илану стало плохо. Его увезли на скорой».

Photo: home archive

In the chişinău court
sentenced to 7.5 years of imprisonment of the mayor of the Moldovan city of Orhei
businessman Ilan Shor, who is known in Russia primarily as the husband of the singer
Jasmine. According to investigators, the businessman was involved in the theft in the amount of $ 700 million.

Sam Shor’s guilt does not recognize. The lawyer of the businessman said
he intends to seek reconsideration of the decision. Moreover, the lawyer recalled that Ilan Shor pled guilty,
made a deal with the investigation and helped to reveal the criminal scheme.

Jasmine finds the whole situation absurd and hopes that Ilana would justify.

Jasmine with her husband Ilan

Photo: Elena Sukhova

“Yesterday’s court decision about Ilana made so far, only one
instance. I’m sure that the husband is innocent, and we certainly
prove it at the next hearing! — said the singer to the correspondent 7days.ru. Now I am very worried, not so much
for judgment – here’s the truth on our side, how much for health
Ilana. This entire process and all the injustice can anyone
morally suppressed. Yesterday Ilan called “fast” — again it became bad with heart. Our children are also very worried about dad. But at least now after unfair
house arrest Ilan finally free, and now just for
us begins the real fight for our good name and justice!
We are ready to fight
further, I believe that this nightmare will end soon. Thanks again to everyone who supports us!”