EXCLUSIVE! Imani: “I Want more time to spend with his son”

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Имани: «Хочется побольше времени проводить с сыном»
French singer gave a Frank interview 7days.ru before the recital in Moscow.


Photo: Press service

French soul singer Imany returns
in Russia. First she opened the concerts of famous French musicians such
like Sly Johnson, Ben l’oncle Soul and other, and then released his debut album,
which became home to platinum thanks to the song You Will Never Know. The video for this
the song today has been watched on Youtube more than 15 million people. Before
solo concert of the star, which will take place on 30 October in Moscow, Imani
told 7days.ru why hesitated
to sing, who talked about their love experiences and looking forward to it
home while she’s on tour.

— Before you start
musical career you played sports — high jump — and worked in
modeling business. At what point did you come to music?

— In the childhood I was engaged in the high jump, and then became
model and start to travel frequently. At this time I quit
sports. I lived in new York for 7 years, but work as a model I lacked,
often had to take on something else… for Example, I worked for some time
a bartender there. In new York I often saw musicians, who also
had to take part to go ahead to your dream. So I became
work seriously to become a singer. Actually, I always wanted to sing, but
previously did not dare because of his unusual voice

— They say that in Russia
you popular almost more than in Europe. What you like, when you have

— I like the fact that Russian audience is so hot and passionate.
And this despite the cold weather (smiles). And what come to my concerts
the young fans. This proves that my music touches all generations.

— Do you have friends
among colleagues? If you generally called friendly person?

— Most of my musicians with me from the beginning, my
career. We’re like family. Spend so much time together! I think I’m friendly
man, although I have my musicians to ask.

— Do you use your
personal life in songs?

My first album “The Shape Of a Broken Heart” was more
personal, there were songs about my love experiences and so on. But most
my songs are stories. My second album “The Wrong Kind Of
War” talks about global injustice, environmental problems.

— What place on Earth
you consider your place of power? Where do you get energy?

— I love India, my country — Comoros, Rome, Bali.
I like quiet places with architectural beauty. But the most energy I
get when watching my son grow up.

— What do you want —
not as an artist and person?

— I think I now have everything I ever dreamed of. I
very happy, really. Just want more time to spend with your