Exclusive! Igor Nikolaev congratulated Yulia Proskuryakova, as in the song

Эксклюзив! Игорь Николаев поздравил Юлю Проскурякову, как в песне
Yulia Proskuryakova told, today celebrates its birthday.

Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova

Photo: Marina Head

Actress and singer Julia Proskuryakova today celebrates his birthday. “I was 35 years old and I celebrate at home, in Moscow, in the circle of my beloved family,” said 7days.ru birthday girl.

The first gifts that morning gave her husband Igor Nikolaev. Among his gifts was an immense bouquet of white roses. By the way, these are the colors of Nikolaev in due time wrote poetry, which Igor Krutoy has created a song that has become the hallmark of the singer Alexander Serov:

Look up in the Christmas sky
Make all what you dream,
In my life before you I was not happy,
For you, they love you, these white flowers.
I love you to tears
Every breath, as the first time!
Instead of lying words is a cloud of roses.
Petals of white roses I have our bed made
I love you, crazy love!