Exclusive! Hope the Pen waiting for the firstborn

Эксклюзив! Надежда Ручка ждет первенца
Singer in the fifth month of pregnancy.

Эксклюзив! Надежда Ручка ждет первенца

Hope the Handle expecting first child!

Photo: instagram

Nadia Handle expecting first child: as it became known 7days.ru the singer is on the fifth month
pregnancy. That will become a mother, Hope found out on New years eve.
Despite the fact that the beloved Pen of Denis made an offer in November,
pregnancy for Nadia was a complete surprise.

“Shortly before
I learned that I was a mom, I saw that in the courtyard we built a shopping
children’s center, where there is always a bunch of strollers and kids I thought to myself, “It’s all
not for nothing,” laughs the Handle. — Actually, I think all the time. Later
a year after we moved in, in November, Denis proposed to me and we
started a Grand renovation in the apartment. I think all we women subconsciously feel
when ready for motherhood, especially when we meet true love, a man who is ready
to live life”.

By the way, the repair of Nadia and Denis finished in the beginning of this
year. Over the past few months, the singer has become a real professional in
repairs. In building supermarkets greeted her as his own. Pair
planned to meet in the renovated apartment New year, but, as is always the
it happens in large-scale repair work was delayed. And residential view apartment
purchases only now. However, there is still a lot of little things that need
to finish in the near future.

“Starting the repair, even to imagine, could not all scale
disasters — shared Nadia
Handle. — The house is very ordinary, old, so a repair is required
overhaul, full replacement of all communications, erection of new structures,
replacement of flooring and Windows. The deadlines are postponed several times”.