Exclusive: first pictures and videos pregnant wife Bezrukov

Эксклюзив: первые фотографии и видео беременной жены Безрукова
The actor along with Anna matison came to the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi.

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Just in Sochi Grand hotel “Pearl” began
press conference with the creators of the film “After you”, shown on the eve of bankruptcy
the program of the festival. Yesterday the audience a picture of the Winter theatre was represented by the members
the crew — without a Director and leading actor! That Anna matison
and Sergey Bezrukov will appear only the next day, on the discussion of the film was
known since the opening of the “Kinotavr”.

Such excitement as in the time of the appearance of the spouses, at the “Kinotavr” not yet. Sergey and Anna chose the clothes in bright colours, suitable for a resort town. The mood Bezrukov and his wife is beautiful. Anna looks lovely and glows with happiness. Comment on personal issues he and Sergey tactfully refused. But only because, in addition to pleasant expectations of the child, any dramatic detail to share, they simply can’t. As a joke earlier, responding to a question about disputes in the preparation of the film: “I understand where you’re coming from… But no quarrels and scandals have we had!”

It was the first sensation of this year’s festival, when 6 June the couple through its spokesperson, made a statement about the pregnancy of Anna. “Dear
friends! In order to avoid unwanted excitement at the festival “Kinotavr” Sergey
Bezrukov reported in advance to his fans and reporters that he and his wife are waiting for
child. A couple goes to Sochi on “Kinotavr” not to relax and not as guests, but
as festival participants, and participation means, including the holding of
press conference and interview,” said the actor.

Bezrukov really arrived in Sochi a few hours
ago. Anna matison arrived the day before to catch
relax in front of the discussion of the film. Of course, dealing with the press and with colleagues
began with congratulations on the upcoming replenishment. But then Mathison and Bezrukov
asked not to do discounts on their situation, “interesting” in every sense, and seriously
to talk about the film, which for both spouses is very important. The screenplay was
written specifically for Sergei Bezrukov, and specifically for the role of Alexei Temnikova
the actor was a serious choreographic preparation.

The audience, by the way, very warm yesterday took a picture. Actress
Galina Bokashevskaya, who played in “After you” one of the roles of the second plan,
admitted 7days.ru that often could not
to hold back the tears, although the scenario is familiar to her and, in contrast to those who saw
the film for the first time, she knew all the drama of the plot. “But I forgot about that
relate to the movie and watched as a mere spectator, admiring and experiencing”,
— said the actress.

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