ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Эвелина Блёданс рассекретила возлюбленного
The presenter came out with a new one.

Evelina Bledans with Sergey Demonweb

Photo: Starface.ru

Evelina Bledans finally presented to the public her new lover. It appeared to be Moscow businessman Sergey Demchev.

“Now is the time to say: Yes, he’s mine!” — Evelyn confirmed their romantic relationship.

The demchev not only won the heart of the presenter, but found the approach to her younger son. “I quickly got used to the Seme, he is very kind and well-mannered, — said Sergey. — When naughty, he doesn’t have to be strict, he listens to my mom and me.”

So now fans of Evelina, who was so worried about the star after her divorce from Alexander Semin, can breathe a sigh of relief: it will be taken care of. It is interesting that recently Bledans again thinking about motherhood. She posted on her personal blog about your photo with a stroller. As it turned out, she was given to hold their baby close friend of the presenter. “Didn’t want to say …. But… Here! How do you want again with the pram! Thank you, Victoria, that has given to hold!” — thanked the friend Evelina.

Many fans supported the idea Bledans give birth to her third child. Others were of the opinion that Evelyn need to wait a bit: soon, she may become a grandmother (her eldest son for 23 years) — here, they say, and will walk with a stroller. And to give birth to the most in 48 years and is dangerous for mother and child, are sure fans. However, there are many celebrities who have given birth to perfectly healthy children over the age of 45. The last such example was Janet Jackson, who gave birth to the son in 50 years.