ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Елена Летучая: «В этом формате с Константином Эрнстом мы договорились больше не работать»
The TV presenter has revealed new reasons for the closing of the show “the Sweeney”.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

was devastated when I learned the sad news of the popular show Elena Fly “flying
the unit” closed due to health issues with the presenter. The channel guide
decided to suspend work on the project and come up with the format,
which can work Elena without endangering yourself. In an interview with
7days.ru Elena revealed new details of this story.

 — Elena, you have always been
committed to a healthy lifestyle. And all of a sudden the heart problems, the diagnosis of “unstable

My diagnosis is an echo of the work of “revizorro”: almost round-the-clock
schedule, no weekends, endless travel. No one has given me even
a little vacation… I’m so selfless shot “Revizorro”, completely forgetting
the fact that I’m still human, not a robot… I must Admit that over the past five years I first
times sleep last week. I slept for four days. Before I even get
could not, and when I was through, I said sleeping. I just stand up with
the bed could not! My story is a Prime example of what you need to listen to your
organism. But I was not listening and did not hear. Now I exist in easy mode,
feel very comfortable and good, are working on a new show. Pretty
it is difficult to come up with something interesting for me and the audience.

Guide First reported that the closure of the “Flying squad” — a temporary, and you will definitely show up
in the frame.

It’s true. We’re together now I think over the format in which I don’t need
be so often to fly. Negotiate. Understand, I am a creative person and very
won’t make it worse than it was before. I always strive for quality in all the
more in work. I sure hope we will format for me any who like it
for me and viewers.

— And you are trying to do
so flying to a different city correspondents, and you would lead the show? So
to say was the steering and the General in the Studio in Moscow?

— We
tried to do since the beginning of the new year. But it did not. The Format Of The “Flying
detachment” — very heavy. Plus he built for me. When I go, Ministers and
officials open the doors and have a dialogue, and when we started to send the same
the purpose of the correspondents, the doors opened not always. We
Konstantin Lvovich has agreed to continue to work in this format.

— What about talk shows?
Agree to such a proposal?

— Honestly
speaking, I have a very difficult format of the talk show, because I always want to be
our people in addition to entertainment in television format and media sector, in addition to bare,
I’m sorry, pop and scandals, would see something interesting and worthy. To
viewer, as from “Revizorro”, could not put it down. It to be
at the same time and useful shows and entertainment. While I think. In any case,
I can assure you, I won’t accept any job just to stay on
tv. For me it was never an end in itself and never will be. Want
to do something good, and this takes time. Now consider another
interesting option as I can’t part with the fans. If you agree,
it will be an interesting story.