Exclusive! Dolphin broke the silence after 20 years

Эксклюзив! Дельфин нарушил молчание спустя 20 лет
Andrey Lysikov gave an interview before a big solo concert.

Эксклюзив! Дельфин нарушил молчание спустя 20 лет


Photo: press-service of the singer

On March 18 the Red club will host a big concert with Dolphin
new program. Before the performance the singer, who for almost two decades, did not give interviews, broke the silence.

— Andrew, world
show business has changed, now he is not the same as it was 20 years ago. If before the artist could not do without media support,
now with social networks it can advertise, engage
self-presentation. Why you no
social network? So it would be possible to maintain contact with fans.

Why? All I want to tell them, I tell in the songs that write. And “friends”, exchanging photographs is not my story. No, I perfectly understand people who use it.
They may thus fill the void of its content.

— What time do you prefer: the current when you are an independent artist who can’t compromise — or the days of “Bachelor party” when you conquered the entire stadium?

— Then, in his youth, like the time of the conquest. Was young, she needed a completely unbridled and wild actions, it was great and most importantly on time. Everything changes, now everything is like
well. More clearly, openly and honestly. Can’t say when. At all times, I have come to rely on

— You are personally for
these 20 years have changed?

— Yes, of course. Just when I was a young years
18-20, I was a soul of any company, pulled the blanket over himself, told me
jokes — did all sorts of things! But when he began to feel that be to other people a little more than just Andrew, and my
the behavior has changed. I’m less talked to the company, less
drew attention to themselves. And then even began to avoid companies.


Photo: press-service of the singer

— Do you have a different status now: are you a husband and a father. Have more responsibility now…

Only with the advent of
children I got to thinking about what will happen, and think more about their future than about their. Before children I lived day to day, making plans for a couple of months

—Children take much
places in your life?

Yes. But there is always
feeling: I need more! Something they have to give less, little
participate in their lives.

— Do you want to revive
a group of “Bachelor”? It is now fashionable, when the group 20 years
speakers, reunite, record music and go to huge tours.

No, I… I don’t think about it at all ever.