Эксклюзивные подробности независимой и сексуальной Надежды Мейхер

Эксклюзивные подробности независимой и сексуальной Надежды Мейхер
With each birthday, Hope Meyher becoming better! Seductive, open and independent – it’s all we can safely say about the Hope Meyher. Received the status of a sex symbol, posed for gloss magazine and went on stage half naked. And what is it really? Why she refuses now from candid photo shoots?

Hope Meyher always aspired to be an actress. Was actively engaged in dancing and dream to stand on stage and hear the applause.
“Since childhood, I was magnetizing girl, I had a lot of energy. If my peers wanted to get married, have children and be family men, then I was interested in completely different!”,- shared artist.

Эксклюзивные подробности независимой и сексуальной Надежды Мейхер
At age 18 she came to the casting to the then unknown group and won. The group “VIA GRA” was not discussed then is that lazy. The laws of the collective dictate a special behaviour. Each time the clips became more and more Frank and Nadia obeyed these rules. Laid bare for photo shoots and filming, attracting still more attention. The band’s popularity grew and with it grew and the confidence of Hope. Now she’s just being a sex object doesn’t want to. His personal life did not work out and even the birth of a son did not unite her with the father of the child. Meyher several times went and came back in “VIA GRU”, yet still have not gone forever. Now, the artist devoted himself to his own creativity. She is a designer, writes poetry, sings heartfelt songs and in films. Nadia married the man she loved and bore him two daughters. Now she believes that sexiness isn’t about looks, but in the internal condition.

From time to time Meyher offer to take part in a candid photoshoot and even for big money, which she refuses, because she is now simply not interested. Nadia admits possible racy scene in a movie. By the way, Nadezhda’s husband, businessman Mikhail Urzhumtsev comfortable with the fact that his wife will portray the love with other men in the movie. Itself not the fact that it is recognized that the partners no attraction is not felt. Hope admits that as before can not do without his beloved work, but with age learned to place the correct priorities. To her family will always come first. The singer is happy that her life turned out. It is implemented in the work and finally happy in his personal life.

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