ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: стали известны подробности нового сезона сериала «Нюхач»
Hero Kirill met with the most famous “sniffer” of the Soviet cinema.

Kirill kyaro in the TV series “the Sniffer”

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

In the new, third season of “the Sniffer”, which is coming out soon on the First channel of the heroes will have to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and study the samurai laws (for the filming of the movie invited actors from Japan, and one
of the main characters had just a few months to learn Japanese

The main character played by Kirill Kyaro in the new eight series will meet on the screen with the actor, in Soviet times, played a specialist with same
abilities! In due time in the movie “a Dangerous age” Juozas Budraitis was embodied in the brilliant perfumer taster of the Narkis, going through a family drama (wife of “the sniffer” was played by Alice Freudlich and sons — Anton Tabakov). According to Kirill ” by Juozas was easy to meet, he
attentive and responsive, with it very interesting to work with. He’s a man
huge, man-age, and we met like a long time already
familiar people”.

The heroine Agne will Gradite had to learn martial arts “Sparring with the staves was the first time in my life when I was holding in his hands
stick. And people are doing this all my life, every day practicing. Remember
when I studied dance in College, we were taught to keep your posture, straight back. And in the fight, the opposite is true: we need to regroup, quit, not to pull
socks and pull them on. The action is somewhat similar to dance, just
very rude.”

The third season is the six months of non-stop more than 80 people in the team, 55 days for the construction of scenery in the pavilion, the seven-day hunt for deer and more than 140 actors
mass scenes.