Exclusive! Denis Matrosov: “after Watching our Anya wedding photo, his wife clutched at his heart!”

Эксклюзив! Денис Матросов: «Посмотрев на нашу с Аней свадебную фотографию, жена схватилась за сердце!»

Эксклюзив! Денис Матросов: «Посмотрев на нашу с Аней свадебную фотографию, жена схватилась за сердце!»

Denis Matrosov

June 21
19:00 on TV channel “Dомашний” will show a four-part TV film “the Price
the past.” This project is unusual melodramatic story, the creators
promise a dynamic plot twists and twisted detective line. The series is about
what implications can lead to crimes of passion. Main
heroes sang the famous artists Anna Cozychic, Eugene Miller and Denis Matrosov. We talked with Denis about his big family, the main purpose in
life and of course about the movie.

— Denis, in the beginning of the series your character
appears before us a man who missed something important in family life
and this resulted in unpleasant consequences. Tell us how you manage
to keep harmony in your family?

— I would
happy to have discovered this secret, especially if my experience was an example
a long and happy family life! In my own biography is not so simple. With
wife Olga, we are now raising three children: Fyodor, Ivan and the daughter Sasha. And
they, believe me, toss an incendiary firewood into our family routine. Children
that’s my meaning of life! Many may not understand me, and someone will judge that it is impossible
dissolve in children, everyone has his own life. But while we are with them, we will
maximum to help them to find themselves in this life and be happy. I
it seems 100% perfect families do not exist, every couple has its difficulties.
Someone knows how to keep the love and not dwell on dirty dishes, and someone
it is not given. And then everything ends badly. Family is work, work over
in the first place, which results in smiles on the faces of loved ones.
My parents were and still are an inspiration to me. Unfortunately, father died when
I was only 11 years old, but the mother keeps him faithful all his life. In our
the movie “the last Price”, my hero Alex, a talented architect, but he
too wrapped up in work. The creation of a masterpiece on the sheet of paper, it becomes
more important, for example, than to go somewhere to relax with the family. Of course, in words,
he justifies his behavior by the desire to earn money for your favorite. But
the creative part of it tighten so much that he does not notice very
important things. I know this… In the actor’s environment this happens all the time.
I’m skeptical of Actresses who give birth to the child, and a week after
childbirth is already running on the set or play in the theater.

— Whether there is in your relationship
Olga jealousy? Sometimes you post in a social network very hot pictures
with a partner for projects, how your wife relates to this?

— There is
the opinion, which I did not once voiced: in the acting families the jealousy
missing. And develop acting couples in most cases it is because
what to understand and accept kisses on the stage and in film the creative person
easier than same surgeon or engineer. But for now, I’ll bet. Of course,
view a little subjective, but statistics is relentless thing. In the interest
the ratio of the actor’s marriages do not stand the family of tests far more often than
marriage creative person with a person not of the “Bohemian” environment. But,
of course, it all depends on how much you trust your partner, and give yourself
a reason to doubt you. Olga is beautiful, she is not like the others
women, and most importantly, she is not jealous. I in social networks particularly
candid photos don’t flaunt. But really, there was a case when I
posted a photo from the shoot with my partner Anna Cozychic, which played
my wife. In the photo I gently embrace Anya posing in a bridesmaid dress. Signature
was quite intriguing: “it’s time to tell everyone! Taken with Anna Coco
congratulations and gifts! Gifts are needed it is difficult to pick up, take
money.” More about hashtags forgot: #wedding, #Animatronic, #Annaquatucket, #Sprosti.
Yes, then I Olga I made
worried! She told me later, said, “Sailors, you know, so
and myocardial infarction can get! I your post three times re-read until
realized it was a joke from the shooting”.

Эксклюзив! Денис Матросов: «Посмотрев на нашу с Аней свадебную фотографию, жена схватилась за сердце!»

Denis Matrosov with his wife Olga and son

Photo: Instagram

— Do you have a wife and some
traditions that help you not to lose the romance and not to get bogged down in everyday life?

— Tradition…
Can’t say that we have special rituals. I’m trying to make
gala dinners, out to the theater, cinema. But with young children and when my
employment, unfortunately, don’t do it often. Live a dream vacation. Two
last year was very exciting work and events. And not to get lost
in this life, I suggested that the Ola together to do one thing. No, no, no
think, I do not want to see my soulmate in makeup and costume of Napoleon. I don’t
want to become an actress. But given her amazing ability
to be a great Manager and a Manager, we together with Olga have created the Theatre Denis
Matrosov, and is actively engaged in its promotion. She became my
Director and agent. And work together a lot more fun and interesting.

— Now you tour a lot with
its play “Two in the Elevator, not counting the tequila” that you can watch
the city?

Yes, the play “Two in the Elevator, not counting
tequila” with the participation of me, Dima Orlov and Petit krasilova, mega popular and
not only in our country but also abroad. For two years, 150 performances, and
ahead of the new season, which is already painted. In addition, together with Olga released
another premiere, the Comedy “You will be mine!” with the participation of Catherine
Volkova, Polina Borunova me. By the way, the plot of the play is very common with
our real acquaintance with Olga. Sold out in St. Petersburg and in the Urals have already done
noise, this performance is now also really looking forward to the audience. Another question, how
Denis Matrosov torn into many small sailor to go?
The plans are huge. Still going to shoot your feature film, a full meter. And
as for trips to the cities, it is, unfortunately, very little time left
for sightseeing and hanging out. Usually, this kind of study
the car window or train… Used from each city were brought to memorable
the magnet on the fridge. But when three of the refrigerator was over, and glue
was nowhere, to have stopped. I think maybe the plates to start collecting? But if
seriously, try to bring some tasty delicacy to please
children and favorite.

Эксклюзив! Денис Матросов: «Посмотрев на нашу с Аней свадебную фотографию, жена схватилась за сердце!»

Denis Matrosov and Anna Cozychic

Photo: Instagram

— What are you encouraging your sons: Ivan and

Sr. —
Vanya loves all kinds of designers, which I’m helping to collect.
Took his tragic story of the Titanic, so we, in my opinion, acquired teams
model of the Titanic, from all over the world. Goes to kindergarten, and soon 1
September! Exciting time for our family. Junior — Fyodor — all
tries to imitate my brother, he is a soul in van hung the moon. And learn to speak it better
all it turns out that Vanya. Was combines theater, Fedi first
visit. A delight! They both love to help us around the house. The struggle for
the vacuum cleaner! In the winter and clean the snow in the summer and a lawn to mow will really help.

— If to speak about the partners in the film
“The price of the past,” after the shooting did not communicate more? Ever happened to you
true friendship is after a project?

— I was lucky,
every film project is a big family. A good atmosphere and a sense of humor
on the set — the key to success. In the film “the last Price”
I had wonderful partners: Anna Cozychic and Eugene Miller. Due to various
circumstances we do not meet often, but we communicate using the Internet and
phone. We have a very warm and friendly
relationship. With Anna we have the second joint work. By the way, do not exclude that
an unexpected and interesting plot of the film will capture the audience so that we
meet me at the shooting continue.

Эксклюзив! Денис Матросов: «Посмотрев на нашу с Аней свадебную фотографию, жена схватилась за сердце!»

Denis Matrosov with his wife Olga and children

Photo: Instagram

— Now you go on a talk show
how about the criticism of the artists attending such programs, see
whether their home?

question, and most importantly, what is considered often and what are those programs? Over the past
two years I visited three programs: one dedicated to the memory of Valentina
Leontyeva, which I led along the legendary program “visiting
tales”, the second was dedicated to the jubilee of Directors Krasnopolsky and
Uskova, who gave me movie-life. Was still away at Bori Korchevnikov,
where most of the broadcast talking about creativity. The scandalous, dirty talk-show
I assure you I could not see. But the name is there permanently. To condemn their colleagues
think it is wrong. Everyone makes their own choices. And then, the program — the program
strife! I also know how unfair the editors of the programs are cheating. Invite
write one story, but the real issue is quite different.

The children watched some of your work?
How they relate to what parents are famous people? So whether your dream is to go on
footsteps, whether acting potential?

— Fyodor — more
small, only 2 years old, but he loves to dance. And Vanya on location
the site was not once, in the auditorium, and behind the scenes. On the set
he was particularly fond of grim-trailers, he calls them “houses on wheels”. There
you can play, and relax. And of course, pleases the son and the attention to it all
crew. Proud friends with the child actors, in particular with Artem
By sclaim. But he is not talked about the desire to connect their lives with art. Now
he wants to create unique cars, planes and ships. It makes me happy.

Denis Matrosov with his wife Olga

Photo: Instagram

— Tell, what hearts
viewers must leave the show “last Price”?

The first thing
will surprise and will interest the audience is the detective unexpected turns. The plot
is developing very quickly and rapidly, to miss time. Peeking
will make them think and who is next to you, the person you know?

Watch “price of the last” 21
June at 19:00 on “Dомашнем”.