Эксклюзив: у Кристины Бабушкиной новый роман
The actress spoke about the changes in his personal life.

Christina grandma with her lover Andrew

Photo: Svetlana TARABANCHUK

After the divorce from the star of the TV series “Voronin” Stas doinikova by the leading actress of the Moscow Art theater was raising my daughter Ustinya and not really advertise personal life, which nine months ago, there have been major changes. “At the party my friend and I met a nice young man. Andrew, my happiness has no relation to the theatre and cinema, he is a businessman, power. We already live together, and I’m not going to hide that too,” admitted “7D” Kristina Babushkina.

About the new novel the actress spoke at the wedding of their friends Oleg Maslennikov-vojtova and Alina Borodina. On this celebration of my grandmother was invited, along with Andrew. It was their first official appearance as a couple.

At the wedding of Kristina and her partner were sitting at the same table with the newlyweds, as she was a witness to the wedding. Guests joked that the bride’s bouquet must be in the hands of loving Grandmother. But this time fate smiled another star — Catherine Ancharovoj, which, however, admitted that he is not ready for a new marriage, mindful of the brief and dramatic marriage with Marat Basharov.

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