ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Стало известно, эксгумируют ли Спартака Мишулина
A well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky has made a sensational statement.

Karina Mishulina and Timur Eremeev

Prominent lawyer
commented on loud statement of Mishulin Karina that she and her mother Valentina
You are ready to exhume (dig up from the grave) the body
father and husband Spartaka Mishulina. To re-examination and
to prove: Timur Eremeev — not the son of national artist.

Scandalous sensation of the mouth of Mishulin were two days ago
the show of Andrey Malakhov “live” on the channel
«Russia.» It was shameful
transmission, noted by many viewers. And even some members of the ether.
For Example, Alexander Dobrovinsky. He was present at the shootings. And in conversation with 7days.ru expressed his
authoritative opinion.

“The transmission went out…very strange, says star lawyer first,
the question of the relationship of Timur Eremeeva with Spartak Mishulin already closed. In the last year spent
examination showed the possibility of the relationship “99, 99”. This is the highest
result. Examination conducted in the best laboratories of the country, the results
research trust which even the General Prosecutor’s office — long and successful
cooperate. And Karina Mishulina she demanded to have everything done
it is in this institution! And suddenly day before yesterday she assured
in fact, about rigging! … And speaks about the exhumation of the body. Well,
exhume. Examination again shows kinship: Eremeev — son Mishulina.
Then what? This question I asked on the transfer. He received no response. But,
I think even after the exhumation ladies of the family Spartaka Mishulina will not rest, and
something will come up. Will say “the body is planted, it is not Spartacus… “. They
can’t get over the idea that in addition to them, there is Timur. The entire program and
daughter and wife of people’s artist said that “Spartak loved us,
and he could not have a second family… “. Look, but not a hindrance.
However, they do not take any arguments, can’t hear anyone but themselves
himself. Part of the ether Mishulin — mother and daughter shouted that Eremeev only
waiting to pounce on their legacy. He’ll jump anything they can
not asking, get away from the guy.”

“You know, I thought, and came to the following conclusion. All this
sensation beneficial Karine of Mishulin. It is a serious PR. And
it is with this “horse” — everyone’s attention, “starring in a talk show” —
long on their own will not jump, – summed up our source.

Recall that today in Tushino court takes another
meeting of the high-profile case: “the family of Karina of Mishulin against brother father
Timur Eremeeva”.