Exclusive! Around divorce Vadim Kazachenko a scandal erupted

Эксклюзив! Вокруг развода Вадима Казаченко разразился громкий скандал
The lawyer of singer Irina Dergunova made a sensational statement.

Vadim Kazachenko with fiancée Irina

Photo: Olga Loskutova

Vadim Kazachenko, proposed to his sweetheart
Irina can win a trial about a previous marriage with
Olga Martynova because of the so-called “law of collapse”. Sticky situation
around the love triangle of singer commented the lawyer of the artist Victoria

“I don’t know why Catherine Gordon (the star owns the law firm, “Gordon and sons”, specializing in the resolution of complicated family situations), disseminates information,
misleading the public, — said Dergunova correspondent 7days.ru. —Indeed, on March 10 there was a court
meeting the counterclaim Olga Martynova, where it is decided that she
is the legal wife. However, this decision has not come into force, and
then in force the previous decision of the court in which the marriage of Vadim recognized
dummy. The decision dated March 10, shall come into force on 25 March.

These ten
days are given to the counter party so my client could appeal this
solution. That is what we are doing now, offers a private complaint. Once
a private complaint is filed, the court shall consider it. Then in force or
otherwise the decision comes even later, the process can take several months.
Moreover, if before the decision that Vadim still married to Olga
will enter into force, in October the Registrar will tie the knot on the other
woman, we get the so-called “legal collapse”, when in fact people
becomes a bigamist legally, what can not be. And no court
will satisfy the claim and the court’s decision enters into force, if the decision
contrary to the letter of the law.”

We will remind, in the beginning of the year at the request of the musician, the court annulled the marriage of a singer
with his pregnant wife — Olga Martynova. The woman turned for help
the law office of Cathy Gordon to the decision to have the marriage annulled was