Эксклюзив: Анна Банщикова ждет третьего ребенка
The actress will soon become a mother.

Anna Banshchikova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

The family of Anne of Bandicoot the time the addition. That the actress will become mother for the third time became known after her appearance at the premiere of the film of Emir Kusturica — “milky way”. Anna came to the cinema to bypass the red carpet, but go unnoticed failed. The sex of the baby is already known: Bandicoot born long-awaited daughter. The actress in anticipation of the upcoming incredibly joyful events in her life. Meanwhile, Anna is already growing up two sons — nine-year-old Michael and seven-year-old Alexander.

By the way, Anna successfully combines shooting projects with the children. For example, during the filming of the series “the Bloodhound” for a long time not to be parted with children, the actress took the sons with him to Gelendzhik, which hosted the full-scale survey. Together with his grandmother and mother and they spent a total of 2.5 months at sea, and husband of Anne — lawyer, Vsevolod Shakhanov coming to them on the weekends. In an interview 7days.ru Anna not so long ago told me that her heirs a great relationship between them.

“Sons closest friends, but in character quite different. Sometimes I think what they have in common only that they have one mom and one dad and they go to the same school — Bear will go in the third, and Sasha in first!” — said Anna. Now to the friendly male company soon will add a girl, what Banshchikova very happy.