EXCLUSIVE: Agniya Ditkovskite again became a mother

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Агния Дитковските снова стала мамой
The actress hides the name of the father of her second child.

Agnia Ditkovskite

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The 28-year-old Agnes Ditkovskite two children now!
Surprisingly, the actress has managed to not only hide her pregnancy for the duration
period, she was carrying a child, but that again became a mother. However, Agniyu
you can understand, until she wants to advertise their new relationship this
the reason for the name of her lover — secret behind seven seals. As well as gender and
the name of her second child.

Information about Ditkovskite another baby,
there was literally a couple of days ago. Interestingly, her mother — Tatiana lutaeva — gave the day before media
a rather terse comment that her daughter was not pregnant. And it was true! Because
at that time Agnes had given birth and just physically could not stay
pregnant… it Turns out that lutaeva was completely honest and no one was misled.

Recall that Agnes has a two year old son Fedor. She gave birth to him
marriage with Aleksey Chadov. The couple broke up when the baby was just a year old. But
for the sake of the child Agnes and Alex managed to keep warm relations. “The truth is,
we have a son. He has forever United us. He must have a mother and
father. This is the starting point. So we need to find the strength to forgive and
to be friends. Although, when Alex left, it seemed to me that we never
will be able to find a common language,” admitted Ditkovskite in an exclusive interview with “7D”.

Agnes wisely believes that a child needs both mum and dad, even
if they do not live together: “I really want to see Alex happy. Want
so we can have a friendly relationship. Because my mom is friends with my dad,
and his wife, dad and brother. All around surprised. And I think that it’s like
normal. If it so happened that no one gets a joint living —
civilized to disperse. Then it won’t affect the baby.”