Exclusive: a 52-year-old Mikhail Efremov married Sofya Kruglikova

Эксклюзив: 52-летний Михаил Ефремов обвенчался с Софьей Кругликовой
Witnesses ordinances were friends of the couple — Ivan Okhlobystin and his wife Oksana.

Mikhail Efremov and Sophia Kruglikova

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At the 15th year of a joint life Mikhail Yefremov and his wife Sophia
Kruglikova were married in the Church. Witnesses that the whole ceremony kept the crowns
over the heads of the spouses before God, became close friends of the couple — Ivan Okhlobystin and his wife Oksana.

We will remind that it already the fifth marriage of Ephraim. Michael and
Sophia mother of two daughters Faith and Hope, and son Boris. All in all, Ephraim
six children: there is the eldest son Nikita (from the second wife of ASI Vorobyova), son Nikolai (from actress
Evgenia Dobrovolskaya) and daughter Anna-Maria (from actress Kseniya Kachalina). Though
on a stormy personal life, married only Efremov with his current wife. To make this decision
Michael and Sophia went for many years.

“For starters, let me clarify that I more than all
think, ” confessed Sophia Kruglikova. Because Misha is also still a child
and the most difficult — he did not indicate what to do. When we
met in 2001, Mike was, I feel that thirteen years. Now
it God forbid if grown to fifteen. I mean that transitional age
my husband has just begun to end. And immediately he became more
work, demand. From the surrounding people he meets now
much more understanding. And yet Misha still an enfant terrible” —
nowhere on it does not go anywhere. Reckless, absolutely free adult
teen. And how long this condition will last — don’t know.”

By the grace of God the boys got hitched! Many good years to Mikhail and Sofia!

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