Excited: the IOC reacted to the violation of the rules of the Russian hockey players

Перевозбудились: МОК отреагировал на нарушение правил российскими хоккеистами
Will there be retribution for the execution of the anthem of Russia after his historic victory?


Yesterday in the final of the Olympic games in 2018 during the awarding ceremony of the Russian hockey anthem of Russia. Athletes “over” neutral Olympic anthem sang the “forbidden” national. Patriotic act was widely discussed in social networks. The fact that the athletes thus has violated rules set by the IOC before the Olympics. The lack of the flag and anthem of Russia at the games in Pyeongchang was one of the conditions, which were introduced to all domestic athletes, serving under a neutral flag.

Joy after victory gave way to concern when yesterday, late afternoon at the request of the IOC, the Network began to block the video, where the Russian team singing the forbidden national anthem. “I will not suffer if athletes are punished for their act?” — worried fans and waited for the reactions of the representatives of the IOC.

By a happy coincidence, to Russia this time was very understanding. “We understand that this was done in great excitement with athletes that have just won the gold medal in unusual circumstances”, — is told in the message of the IOC. Recall that yesterday, the domestic players have become “national heroes”, winning over Germany with the score 4:3.