Excellent video: Deya's music video was raved about by fans Following Deya's “Draw” track presented its adaptation.

Excellent video: fans were delighted with the music video of the singer Daeya The shooting of the video took place in Moscow in various places: from the highway to Sheremetyevo Airport – to the yacht on the Moscow River, from Gorky Park – to the Federation Tower in the City, and a workshop of the heroine-artist was organized in the studio.

And in these locations, the singer seems to tell the story of her love, and a series of exciting memories pops up before her eyes: loving glances, touches of hands, gentle hugs …

Excellent video: Fans love Daeya's music video

They seem to have merged in a sensual dance! But the first quarrels, and insults, and parting fly in the memory as a whirlwind of contradictions… The cold of separation deprives the heroine-artist of her creative powers, as if inspiration and the ability to create had gone with her beloved. And only the unfinished picture reminds of those wonderful moments when she was so happy that no words were needed to express love. And yet, at the end of the story, the lovers are united. And with that comes inspiration. Embracing each other, they complete the artistic canvas together and it becomes clear that their painting is a symbolic reflection of the harmony of life.

The video was again directed by talented professional Melissa Fox (not to be confused with Natasha Koroleva's daughter-in-law Melissa Valynkina, who previously performed under the same pseudonym). Their first collaboration was shooting a video for the single “Time”, which was released in 2019 and scored almost 800,000 views on YouTube. And here is a new bright, very dramatic and sensual work with the track “Draw”. Excellent video: fans were delighted with Daeya's music video” />

“My new video is a great success,” Deya admitted, “Melissa feels the artist and the material very well. It easily unleashes creativity, allowing you to show new facets and emotions, turning the process into a pleasure.”

“With our work we wanted to say: without love, happiness is impossible. For her sake, you need to learn patience, learn to understand and forgive, learn to be together! Without this, life will resemble a series of unfinished paintings,” the singer shared her emotions.

Just a few hours after the clip appeared on the network, it gained thousands of views and rave reviews: Excellent video, very very nice …

< p> It is impossible not to remember that the stage was Deya's main dream since childhood, and the graduation from the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Faculty of Variety and Jazz Singing in 2017 became a new stage in the development of her musical career. Academic skills and the foundations of jazz vocals formed the characteristic individual coloring of the performer's voice, but her work was not limited to the narrow framework of a separate musical direction and is always open to bold experiments.
The number of Deya's fans is constantly growing, and they are closely following her life and work on social networks and on the official website.

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