Ex-wives of Charlie sheen lacking means of subsistence

Экс-жёнам Чарли Шина не хватает средств для существования

To fight for child support to Brooke Mueller was joined by another ex-wife of Charlie sheen Denise Richards< /strong>. Like Brooke, the actress has two children born from the marriage with the star of the series “Two and a half men” and even adopted a girl that once confessed to Shin, he loves as his own. Women prepare another one, this time a class action lawsuit, which States that for 10 thousand dollars, which they from his master’s shoulder allocates ex-husband, not enough even for basic needs.

Women insist that Charlie should continue to pay them, as before, for 55 thousand a month each. The more that children Brooke, Bob and Max need medical help, what she offers help from doctors.
Recall that Brooke has said that Charlie is cheating on the court, declaring his poverty, because it owns millions of dollars raised for its part of the monthly income from the series “Two and a half men”. Instead of monthly to tens of thousands of dollars, Shin sold his share for 20 million dollars, thus moving this income to their assets. Where did this amount – the artist is silent.
Given the fact that Shin, as before living large and didn’t even stop to use the personal plane ( which is not cheap), Brooke concluded that the ex-husband just wishes to evade child support.

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