Ex-wife trump wants to be an Ambassador

Бывшая жена Трампа хочет стать послом

Ivana trump, ex-wife of the new President of the United States Donald trump wanted to become the mistress of the sea by America’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic. Ex-wife, gave the billionaire a policy of three children, believes that he deserved the honor.

“I’ll offer to make me Ambassador to the Czech Republic. Why not? Czech is my native language, I know, I known not only in America but around the world. I became famous as Ivan, and the name trump I don’t need,” said Ivan, Recalling that he had written three books which have been translated into 24 languages around the world.
Recall that Donald Ivana married in 1977, but filed for divorce in 1992, tired of the cheating spouse with actress Marla maples, last but not least the wife of a businessman.
Press Secretary of the Czech President Milos Zeman, Jiri Ovchachek already commented on the statements Ivana, and believes that the choice would be really great. Moreover, according to American practice, ambassadors are not professional diplomats, and friends, classmates and associates of the President.