Ex-wife threw a cancer patient assumption abroad

Бывшая жена бросила больного раком Успенского за рубежом The writer remembered the terrible events. Ex-lover left by Eduard Uspensky in Germany alone, and he had to return to Russia. After that, their marriage was finally destroyed.
Бывшая жена бросила больного раком Успенского за рубежом

Famous writer Eduard Uspensky rarely gives interviews. For many years, a man struggling with cancer. Beloved wife Elena has known the author full support, but their relations were not always perfect. In 2005, the author left the family to marry TV presenter Eleonora Filina.

That period of his life, Ouspensky says reluctantly. However, for the program “New Russian sensations”, he made an exception and spoke in detail about when there was discord in the relationship with Eleanor. According to the writer, it was difficult for them to get along, and soon, the Owl and even found a new boyfriend.

“I helped one orphanage, and there was a young guy. She led him into the house when the guy was 19 years old, said that he has nowhere to live. As a result, after some time, he became her lover. She was 50 and he was 19. I, of course, suspected, but didn’t want to destroy the family. Then I found out that she took a loan of six million so for this guy to open a business. Sausage factory he bought, but it went under,” recalled a man.

When he was diagnosed, assumption decided by all means to fight the disease. For this purpose he went to one of the best clinics of Germany, where for several months undergoing chemotherapy. As she recalls Eleanor, she lived a whole month in the house of her husband, nursed him, fed and clothed.

But then the Owl suddenly disappeared. Eduard Nikolayevich sure the wife specifically left him in a foreign country.

“A few weeks I was preparing my cereal, took place the procedure was all alone. Then, with great difficulty returned to Russia, and I had no desire to talk to her. Suddenly realized that absolutely do not need it. Perhaps it was such a great love that I turned a blind eye”, – shared his thoughts known to the author.
Бывшая жена бросила больного раком Успенского за рубежом

Now the man lives in the suburbs together with his ex-wife Elena. After the official divorce with Eleanor assumption was married to a woman that I knew for over thirty years. The couple was able to forget past grievances and now my only dream is about the recovery of the writer.

According to the assumption, only Elena is not turned from him in this difficult period. She was able to forgive the former spouse’s infidelity and the care of the family. Eleanor Eduard Nikolaevich does not even want to remember. He had not seen her for seven years, and after such a terrible betrayal of reconciliation may not be out of the question.

Myself, the Owl denies the accusations. She argues that the famous children’s writer has a despotic character. According to Eleonora, she had thought about the gap, but due to the deteriorating health of her husband decided to postpone the conversation about the divorce.

Anyway, Eduard Uspensky glad that he was able to find happiness in his personal life. Next to Elena, he feels confident and protected. The man will continue to struggle with a terrible disease, hoping someday to win.