Ex-wife Tarasova hinted at the cause of his discord with Buzova

Экс-супруга Тарасова намекнула на причину его разлада с Бузовой Followers immediately guessed that meant ex-footballer’s wife. Since the beginning of the week, the fans do not stop to discuss the possible breakup of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova. Celebrities don’t speak openly about what is happening in their family.

      Экс-супруга Тарасова намекнула на причину его разлада с Бузовой

      Rumors that the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova is going through hard time in family life with a footballer Dmitry Tarasov, excite fans the pair for several days. While spouses get vague comments about the spat, making fans even more to worry about their relationship. Olga Buzova spoke about the pain of betrayal

      Do not stay aside and the ex-wife of the athlete Oksana Tarasova, who after the divorce with him, raising seven-year-old daughter angelina-Anna. The ex-wife of footballer expressed his opinion in microblogging. Subscribers Oksana guessed that it meant a woman. They thought that she was talking about her ex-husband and his current quarrel with his wife Olga Buzova.

      “When you have someone to forgive, this does not mean that the person no longer debts for the incident. This means that it long you unsubscribe from himself and handed over to collection Agency “Karma inc.” Believe in this statement 100%. PS so if I screw it up unintentionally, then on the ring road court, flashing me the indicator. Rays of good collect karma clean, send positive impulses to the Universe” – launched into philosophical reflections Tarasov.

      “The hint is clear”, “About Buzova?” – immediately responded to the followers of the ex-wife of a footballer. Soon, however, she deleted my post and did not explain what she meant.

      Until they are Dmitry and Olga are silent, their star friends urge fans to calm down and stop to discuss personal life couples. Ksenia Borodina decided to support a colleague.

      “My pretty girl Buzova strong and brave. P. S If you have a heart, if you have something to do, besides, as bones wash up, leave alone, all is well”, – said the presenter, as a precaution by turning off the ability for subscribers to comment on the publication.

      Fans are trying by all means to force Olga and Dmitry to come to their senses and restore the relationship that was believed perfect. For many, family is a TV presenter and footballer, served as a role model, but because they are afraid even to imagine their divorce. Some even decided to launch a flash mob to the celebrity changed his mind and reconciled. Tale Tarabrikov: why Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov was the envy of the whole country