Бывшая жена Прохора Шаляпина нашла нового ухажера

Prokhor Chaliapin and his wife Larisa Kopenkina long ago went their separate ways, however, in the press one still sees these two names, however in turn. While the singer is worried about the health of your current girl, who suffered a heart attack due to Anna Kalashnikova, businesswoman Kopenkina happy and enjoying life. And all because she’s in love again.

New elect Larissa was a businessman named Ilya. At the moment the man does not know anything, except that he doted in his passions. Once reminded of how much he loves her, Ilya decided a nice romantic surprise of balloons, flowers and sweets.

“Sometimes we are hard to surprise, but there is one who is surprised. Everything in this life can be, and stories in it there” — said Larisa.

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