Ex-wife Potap admitted his feelings

Бывшая жена Потапа призналась ему в чувствах Irina Gorovaya wrote a sincere congratulations to the musician in his birthday. Despite the divorce, the ex-wife maintains warm relations, engage in joint projects and raising a son.

Potap and Irina Gorovaya in December last year, admitted that for several years are divorced. The breakup wasn’t loud, the pair managed to do without scandals and division of property. The gap did not prevent the ex-spouses to continue to engage in joint production: now they nazivayut such popular projects as “Time and Glass” and “Potap and Nastya”. The former lovers also have a son Andrew, who is now eight years old.

Today, the musician celebrates his birthday. Artist actively congratulate colleagues in microblogs. Irina are unable to stay away and its Instagram published warm wishes to the ex-spouse.

“Lyosha, Potap, you’re an incredibly caring dad, a talented artist, cool producer, the happiest person on Earth! You are not afraid of any problems, difficulties and crises! I am extremely happy to know you, running, shooting, creating and producing! Let every day of yours will be filled with creativity, saturated with freedom, painted with love. Happy Birthday!” – wrote Irina.

The followers of the producer in the review noted the wisdom of women and joined in congratulating the musician.

Ex-wife Potap has admitted that the grateful wife for the years they spent together. Irina said that she and her husband have been through many trials, their relationship lasted about 15 years. The artist always tried to support the woman and not to hurt her. The couple fondly remembers the years of the marriage: their family life was filled with harmony and understanding. That is why the former lovers are still friends. Their son Andrew was left to live with her mother, but the captain tries to pay the heir’s spare time. According to former spouses, child quite easily suffered the separation of parents, after all, a musician and previously rarely visited the house, and almost all the time was on tour. The actor also admitted that he believes his heir Natalia – Gorovoy’s daughter from his first marriage. Potap raised her with his wife.