Экс-супруга Пескова: как должна выглядеть женщина в 40

Catherine admitted that never did plastic surgery, not photoshop pictures.

Looking for a mother of three children, Catherine, it’s hard to imagine that a woman of 40 years! Beautiful figure and perfect face without a hint of wrinkles! As it turned out, so smooth skin is not the result of expensive treatments, and genetics!

“My face is a 40-year-old woman, not touched by photoshop and plastic that I feel good in Paris and everywhere in Europe. But even a short stay in his native Moscow begins to sow in the mind seeds of doubt: “maybe, lip pump a bit thin. Maybe the nose trim is too wide. And the eyes would not hurt correct…” Here it’s like business cards… what do You think?” – appealed to followers Catherine?

By the way, fans of the Sand supported her and advised to never turn to plastic surgeons.

“No such person to spoil.” “No way! You beauty! Shine! Nice to look at the living face of a beautiful woman”, “You look younger than other girls”, “You don’t need anything to do with myself, you are very beautiful, individual and not like anyone” – covered Catherine compliments the followers.

Secular journalist Bozena of Rynska also responded to a comment of a woman: “Katyusha, I’m in Europe, too, feel like a normal woman, and I had no desire something to do with myself. But then… Oh!”

By the way, the eldest daughter of Catherine leads a secular lifestyle, and 18 years old, often glimpsed in photo shoots. Lisa recently Peskov became the star of the Turkish Newspapers!

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