Бывшая жена Владимира Кузьмина заявила, что Алла Пугачева приворожила певца The first wife of Vladimir Kuzmin told about why broke up her marriage with the artist. According to Tatiana Artemov, Alla Pugacheva used black magic to steal her beloved.
Бывшая жена Владимира Кузьмина заявила, что Алла Пугачева приворожила певца

Vladimir Kuzmin was married three times, but in show business were always rumors of his endless novels. Perhaps the most discussed relationship of the artist occurred in the 80s, when he began to secretly meet with Alla Pugacheva.

The pair was recorded romantic ballads and everywhere they appeared together. It seems the actress did not bother that she was married to Eugene Boldin. For Diva Kuzmin even left his wife with three children. The first wife of singer Tatiana Artemova have long remained silent about the true causes of their separation, but now decided to speak. According to the poet, Pugachev resorted to black magic to get Vladimir.

“I know she’s using black magic charmed my husband! I have witnesses who saw Pugacheva confessed on his birthday that he sold his soul to the devil for eternal youth. That night she told me a lot of nasty things,” — said Artemov.
Бывшая жена Владимира Кузьмина заявила, что Алла Пугачева приворожила певца

In the end, a marriage that lasted for eight years broke up. From Kuzmina and Artemov were three children, with which the artist maintains a good relationship.

Now Tatiana tries not to think about that hard time. However, the woman still bears a grudge against Pugachev, who, in her opinion, often behaved unreasonably rude.

“One day we were standing backstage, and I asked Volodya: “Where have you hidden the money? Probably all the Pugachikha its spent? She often called me, saying hurtful things. “Tell me, “you! Do you know who I am? I’m a singer!” often she cried on the phone “what? – I replied. I’m a poet,” — said Artemov.

Relationship Kuzmin, and Alla Pugacheva, despite all your passion, never happened. Friends of artists recently admitted that Vladimir was not faithful for even a Diva who literally worshipped him. There were rumors that Vladimir had several mistresses, and some of them even had children born out of wedlock.

Friends Kuzmin has told how he cheated on Pugacheva

After a brief affair star broke up and ceased to cooperate. Vladimir found solace in the arms of the first models Kelly Curzon, and then began to meet with Vera Sotnikova. Diva and did the same she married Philip Kirkorov, what then, on his own recognize, sorry.

It seemed that Kuzmin has found has found family happiness in a third marriage with a blonde Ekaterina Trofimova. They were together 17 years, but this relationship ended in divorce. Later it turned out that the singer has not learned to be faithful to the beloved. According to rumors, he has already managed to have an affair with a new lover much younger than him. However, the artist himself comment on the personal lives refuses.

Communicating with VistaNews first wife Kuzmin noted that it is still hard to accept the betrayal of the ex-spouse. However, she is grateful to Vladimir for three children and a history.