Ex-wife of the priest of the “House-2” humiliated on the show Dmitry Shepelev

Бывшую жену священника из «Дома-2» унизили на шоу Дмитрия Шепелева Galina Hajiyev complained that she was not paid. Wife of Walter Solomentsev is in position, so she was forbidden to pass the detector in the program “really”. She believes that she was not allowed to say.
Бывшую жену священника из «Дома-2» унизили на шоу Дмитрия Шепелева

On Wednesday, in the transfer of Dmitry Shepelev “In fact,” Galina Hajiyev met with Walter Solomentseva to answer his accusations. The man claimed that she cheated on him and had intercourse with other men. The woman is thinking to deprive eks-the participant “Houses-2” of parental rights.

A DNA test established the relationship between the priest of “House-2” with three children

“I want him to stop lying. Walter does not help us, telling the world that gives money to the upbringing of children, and actually lives with his mistress. I require: either he pays child support or he doesn’t pay and I remove his parental rights”, – stated in the air of Galina.

However, the former wife of Walter thinks that she was not allowed to fully Express a position on the show. According to Galina, it was put up not in the best light on the program. Besides, she had to meet with the rival Olesya.

“Mentally I feel terrible. I on the detector is not planted, although I asked. Olesya is also not planted, and asked him tricky questions, and it was like I was sick and a whore. And as proof, they brought my mom because I had an unhappy childhood. Brought her, and I still don’t know where she is,” – said Hajiyev.

The woman has a suspicion that the polygraph in the Studio was not working. She has strong feelings about a financial issue, so she is looking forward to the money for shooting. “In my opinion, there is not a real detector. And all the money for the program I have not yet received. Said map will be transferred on Tuesday or Wednesday. And Walter money for the children is not given. Not at all,” said the former wife of Walter.

Now the ex-member is found with Olesya lisovska. The girl also participated in the show. She defended the choice and unflattering expressed in the address of Galina. The woman says the opponent was concerned that Walter увидtлся with his wife. “Les jealous. It is after the transmission came to him and said, “You gonna talk to her?”He immediately left us and went for it. He first rolled up with compliments, and then asked about the kids. It lasted literally three minutes, but Les went crazy” – shared Galina in conversation with Dom2Life.