Бывшая жена священника из «Дома-2» едва не потеряла будущего ребенка Galina was in the hospital with a threatened miscarriage. Soon Walter Solomentsev will become a father for the third time. However, he does not communicate with the mother of his children and does not help them financially.

Not so long ago, ex-member of “House-2” Walter Solomentsev became the hero of several television talk show. It was there that the whole country has learned that the former priest will become a father for the third time. Despite the fact that he long ago parted with his wife Galina and does not provide properly for his family, the girl didn’t deny him intimacy. Soon their two sons Paul and Noah to be born brother or sister. The priest of the “House-2” Walter Solomentsev will become a father for the third time

However, the Galina is rather carefree about the appearance of a new baby – she rarely speaks to experts to register. For the first time she went to the doctor in case of emergency.

“When I was taken to the hospital with a threatened miscarriage first did an ultrasound. It turned out that one child. Just tummy so big, thought they were twins. Paul didn’t say, but I dream about the girl”, – told ex-wife Solomentsev.

Also at Galina had discovered the problem with the blood, and kidney stones. She’s worried that all this may entail plachenov consequences. But now it is worried about the health of the heirs of the ex – wife of Walter admitted that the kids began to get sick often after went to kindergarten. She was forced to pick them up from preschool.

Galina recognized that not waiting for help from a former spouse. It unbearable to think about how Walter had beaten her. However, it was more forgiving to their partner and tolerate his attitude. According to Galina, Solomentsev was able to hit it against the wall or slap.

“Before, he immediately started to apologize and even cried. Words kill, like a knife cut. I couldn’t see him and listen when it aims to return to my location. Ty, like a fool, then to suffer this unbearable life when the man is not a man but a creature without a soul”, – suffering ex-wife of the ex-member of the famous electroni.

However, Galina has no regrets that he expects Solomentsev third child. She confessed that every child she begged. With relatives ex-husband, the woman is not communicating. Moreover, Galina admitted in an interview with the magazine “House 2” that she has a very difficult relationship with his mother.