Бывшая жена Филиппа Васильева обвинила его в алкоголизме

Oh, and had suffered in a previous marriage, the son of the famous Soviet and Russian actress Tatyana Vasilyeva Philip! Wife is a brawler and a traitor, who escaped to another man and threatening his children – what horrors did not write the media about what is happening in the famous family. But did they really? Your truth decided to tell you and Anastasia Begunova. According to the actress, to live with inadequate person Philip Vasiliev was impossible, he abused alcohol, spat in her face and even threatened with a knife.

“And so I suffered for too long. Started my marriage “Vasilevym” with cheating – he destroyed our family. I’m ready to break them artfully woven a web of misunderstandings, silence and untruth..
Philip, bereft of his father and grew up with too-busy mom, fourteen years began to drink, – comments Anastasia about the former wife. – He told me that quenched the boredom of alcohol. Tatyana on this occasion he said: I have so much in son invested – and it happened what happened!” said the legman.
Before marriage Philip managed to hide their addiction. The first breakdown happened when the light came their eldest son. One day, Anastasia came home from work and saw a terrible picture – Phillip stood in the hallway in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication and was holding their baby son.
Frustrations were not private, just the legman remembers four of them. Each time the level of aggression of the spouse just rolls over. During the last Vasilyev grabbed a knife and swung at vzhavshis in the closet.. wife Anastasia called her mother in law and she called the ambulance.
“I like living with a werewolf who liked to terrify his wife” — says Anastasia. The legman realized that raising children in such an environment is to expose them and their lives at risk. She filed for divorce. Philip objected, and at night I text her with curses.
“Philip wrote at night a TEXT message: “damn you, witch, with all your geeks!” I have said “Geeks are our sons?” My phone is full of these messages,” says the actress.
With my husband’s family Anastasia signed the agreement – they can see my boys every weekend, however, according to the women, neither ex-husband nor his mother never attempted to meet with children, and even congratulated children with the day of birth.