Ex-wife of Michael Ephraim is mired in poverty

Бывшая жена Михаила Ефремова прозябает в нищете Kseniya Kachalina is in distress. “StarHit” able to communicate with neighbors once a popular actress, who confirmed that the woman lives by the ex-spouse. Besides, it periodically visiting suspicious person.
Бывшая жена Михаила Ефремова прозябает в нищете

Kseniya Kachalina, the fourth wife of Michael Ephraim, has long led a solitary life. Once the artist phone was ringing off the hook Directors who wanted to remove the colorful star in his films, but now he is silent. The woman lives alone in the apartment in the centre of Moscow to visit her only occasionally drop 16-year-old daughter Anna-Maria, who is studying in boarding school, and casual acquaintances with whom Kachalina come into the conversation in the yard or at the grocery store.

“She rarely goes outside, we almost do not see, – has shared with “StarHit” the neighbours actress. – Periodically notice, as it raises the strangers, who sometimes look like homeless. Xenia lives on something that will help her ex-husband Mikhail Efremov or friends, which is almost gone”.
Бывшая жена Михаила Ефремова прозябает в нищете

Apparently, with money from Kachalino recently tight. A woman is not as a few months to pay for utility services: the management company was even forced to ask the bailiffs to recover from Ksenia amount of 32 thousand rubles. While the actress has not repaid the debt.

Kachalina does not hide that has rarely seen her daughter and watching her life through social networks. In the program “You wouldn’t believe,” Xenia told how their relationship.

“We almost do not communicate, she lives with her dad. You may also want to talk with the party? Michael is clearly more knowledgeable about the life of Anna Maria,” said Kachalina.
Бывшая жена Михаила Ефремова прозябает в нищете

As it became known to journalists, Catalinas serious problems with alcohol. The woman does not deny that friends sometimes treat her hot drinks. “Literally yesterday or the day before drinking vodka,” noted the ex-spouse of Ephraim.

We will remind, Xenia and Michael met during a joint work on the film “the Romanovs. The Imperial family”. Their marriage ended four years later, and then Kachalina moved to India. The press has repeatedly appeared information that Catalinas problems with alcohol. In the end, Efremov insisted on sole custody of their total daughter Anna-Maria.

Now the famous actor is married to the sound producer Sofia Kruglikova. Fifth wife gave Michael three children, and in an interview with the star of the movie always mentions how he loves his wife.