Ex-wife of Mel Gibson, with the increase in child support in 5 times

Бывшая жена Мела Гибсона требует с него увеличение алиментов в 5 раз

Suffered at the hands of actor Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva, requires to increase the amount of child support that she receives monthly for the maintenance of their common daughter Lucia.

According to the woman, the monthly payment in the amount of 20 thousand dollars is negligible and does not cover all expenses, which are produced Grigorieva.

Increase the amount of child support to 100 thousand dollars a month Oksana argues that this is the money that she spends on the girl, in particular, provides it with interesting life, travels with her, provides adequate housing and security, etc.

Note that the previous court to increase the amount of child support Grigorieva won. Then Oksana and “knocked out” with ex-husband payments to the amount of 20 thousand dollars. This amount particularly includes the fee for a house worth 2.5 million dollars, where Oksana and Lucia. By the way, the actor’s daughter is now six years old, and soon she will go to school, so the extra money is a former girlfriend of actor does not hurt.

Recall the recent dissatisfaction with the amount of child support your ex expressed Charlie sheen.

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