Ex-wife of Martin Freeman replaced him

Бывшая жена Мартина Фримена нашла ему замену

By the end of 2016 brought a lot of unpleasant news, one of which was a message about the breakup of a couple Martin Freeman-Amanda Abbington.

The stars of the series “Sherlock”, sold after 15 years of marriage (recall the painted couple were not). The reasons for the separation were not specified, but the press agreed that, most likely, was treason, which put an end to it.

How true this is, hard to say. But this is at least the fact that just a week after news about the break-up, Amanda was seen in the company of another man.

Abbington walking with a 38-year-old actor, Jonjo O Nallam: “She was with another young man. And they were close. His hand lay on her thigh, and both of them did not care about the idea that they can see”.

Strange here is that Amanda is actively promoting Jonjo in his career, and prometirum his new projects.

What is this friendship or is it love?